Math tutoringEngineering Tutoring Center

Hours: 10am - 5pm (Monday-Friday)
Location: TBE-A 207L

Phone: (702) 774-4623

Subjects Tutored: CEE, CPE, CS, EE, ME, MATH, PHYS

The Academic Success Center (ASC) in cooperation with the College of Engineering (COE) offers FREE tutoring for a variety of UNLV engineering courses throughout the school year. The drop-in lab is located at TBE-A 207L (next door to the engineering advising center) and is open 12pm‒5pm Monday through Friday. All of the tutors are current students who have an outstanding academic record and are recommended by the faculty. Tutors are available to assist students with developing a deeper understanding of course content while also helping with effective study strategies, reviewing lecture notes, and exam preparation.

Last semester over 300 students took advantage of the Engineering Tutoring Center, and over 1000 tutoring sessions were conducted. Students who came in for tutoring 8 or more times tend to show a significant increase in their overall course grade. There are also 9 computers for students to use in the engineering tutoring center.

  • All tutoring is FREE
  • Students must be enrolled in the engineering course at UNLV
  • Students must present a current UNLV Rebel Card to access free tutoring and the computer lab


  • Attend class
  • Provide the tutor with a copy of the course syllabus (when required).
  • Come to tutoring prepared with questions and concerns to help guide the tutor.
  • Bring all materials to tutoring (i.e. textbook, notes and any other materials related to the course).
  • Be willing to actively participate in the tutoring/learning process by showing work, answering questions or even helping other students understand material that was just covered.
  • Do not expect tutors to provide answers on take home tests.


  • Be timely.
  • Be prepared.
  • Do NOT do a student's homework ‒ this may reinforce a tutor's knowledge, but it does little to engage the student.
  • Use proper questioning skills.
  • Actively engage the student in the tutoring process so he/she may learn.
  • Act primarily as a facilitator and evaluator of learning rather than just a source of information.
  • Do not take on the role of professor ‒ tutees are required to go to class so that tutoring may supplement their in-class learning.


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